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Training Students to Reach the Campus

As university students spend about 16 hours a day with their friends, they have numerous opportunities to be lights on campus. So, InterVarsity has found it vital to offer trainings for students in our fellowships to gain ministry skills for the every day opportunities.

Last month I had the chance to coordinate and co-lead a training for students on how to minister to friends that they have in the LGBT community. On campus there is often a barrier between the Christian communities on campus and the LGBT community. This training gave students skills and inspiration to lessen their fear and step out with the Holy Spirit to reach out to all kinds of students on campus.

I also had the opportunity to prepare and lead a training on how to challenge nominal Christians to next steps with Jesus. Students who are nominal in their faith often lose their faith in college, so now our student leaders have basic ministry skills to reach out and invite their friends to be more active faith.

Pray for the Christian students in our fellowship to have prayerful hearts and boldness in their faith when going about their day on campus.

By, Hope Muller, Campus Staff | Brown University