Montserrat Outreach Initiative


I want to tell you about a student who God has been transforming in an exciting way since I've known her. I'll call her Amy. Amy had been a part of the small student-led Bible study that existed at Montserrat since before I began working with InterVarsity. She was committed to the group, but very shy, very quiet, and very hesitant to share what was really going on in her life with her friends. 

As I got to know Amy and built a bit of trust with her, I heard a bit of her story. She had an extremely difficult home life, but had met God in a transformative way during high school.

Last year, I began an exploratory Bible study with one of Amy’s friends who wanted to learn more about Jesus. Initially, Amy came to the Bible study but didn’t say anything. But, as the weeks went by, she began sharing with her friend about her relationship with Jesus. She also began telling me the things that she thought her friend needed to examine in the Bible. But, this past semester is when I have really seen Amy grow. When she found out that I could not be on campus, she stepped up and began inviting freshmen to InterVarsity events. She is why nearly 25% of the incoming freshmen class said that they wanted to know more about InterVarsity.

During our Fall retreat this past October, Amy shared that she wanted to overcome the fear of “talking.” She admitted that because of things in her past, she was afraid of really sharing who she was with her friends. Since then, she has begun sharing during our core group Bible studies in a way that I haven’t yet seen from her. She has also decided that she wants to start a new small group on campus as an outreach initiative.

Thank you so much for partnering with God in the transformation of students like Amy.

By, Joe Riffe, Campus Staff | Montserrat