Are you working in Boston this summer?  Spend seven weeks with us exploring how Jesus’ Kingdom challenges our assumptions about work, money, and success and invests our life at work with true purpose and meaning.

The Marketplace Cohort is an opportunity to walk alongside other students figuring out how to live out your faith with integrity in your intended career. You’ll dive deep into Biblical theology of work and study Scripture in community. You’ll also be paired with a personal mentor in your intended field and have opportunities to learn from faithful followers of Jesus who are thinkers and leaders in business and technology. And you’ll gain practical workplace experience that future employers will appreciate.

Participants in this cohort bring their own job or internship and arrange their own housing. We will offer 2 program nights each week, as well as weekend retreats and experiences. The pricing for this cohort is an income-based sliding scale dependent on what you will be getting paid this summer. We are asking participants to give the equivalent of 2 days wages, or roughly 16 hours of work. (Example: If you make $15/hr at your job this summer, we will ask you to pay $240 to participate in this cohort.)  

Application deadline: May 22.


Please send any questions to