Student Highlight - Levy


Levy (pronounced Lev - ee) became part of InterVarsity during the spring semester of last year. He is one example of the many, many individuals who have ended up in Portland after leaving their home countries.

Originally from Burundi, Levy did not speak a word of English when he moved to Maine several years ago (aside from his French-African accent, you would have no idea - sometimes I think his English is better than mine!). Levy is studying Marine Science while at SMCC, as well as working nearly full-time to support himself. He is a very prayerful individual, and has recently been helping me implement monthly prayer gatherings on-campus.

Levy is an extremely warm, kind-hearted person. He reaches out to non-Christians in his life with a quiet passion, and he is well-liked by those around him. It has been an immense blessing to work with him, as his international perspective has been a wonderful gift to our fellowship. Please pray for Levy's schedule - he is a busy individual! Also pray that God could continue to use him to reach out to the growing international population at SMCC.

By, Joel Wentz, Campus Staff | Southern Maine Community College