Spiritual Conversations at Smith

Smith student leaders have been pressing into the practice of prayer in a very deep way, interceding for campus and asking God to let them hear from Him and give them boldness.  These leaders were rock stars through New Student Outreach (NSO)! 
Throughout all of our NSO, we interacted with about 500 Smithies and received contact information from 225 of them.  Leaders have been busy following up and inviting these students into their lives and community.
Jennifer, a cautious new leader - yet a risk-taker, was assigned to follow up with a student in her dorm who had attended an InterVarsity event on campus.  When having lunch with this student, she was asked what Christians believe.  So Jen shared the gospel with her in a personal way that this student had never heard before.  She was instantly curious and wanted to know more.  Jen asked this student about her spiritual background and found out she was Jewish.  Jen went with her to a Yom Kippur service and this new student is going with Jess to church.  We are excited to see that will come out this faithful follow up and new friendship!

Countless spiritual conversations have happened from students with a variety of faith backgrounds or none.  Pictured above are Smithies leading their peers through The Story Project where students encounter stories of Jesus healing, love and redemption through visual story.  Amazing. 

By, Elizabeth Booher, Campus Staff | Smith College