Acts of the Apostles at Yale


Chapter 2 1 And some of the believers were gathered together at Yale University, worshiping the Lord at the place which is called Old Campus. (It was on the twentieth day of February in the final year of President Levin.) 2 Now there was a student, named Taylor, who had suffered a concussion. And the believers went to Vanderbilt (that is, the place where she was staying) to pray for her because she could not leave her room. (For she was sensitive to light and to noise.) 3 And hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, one of them asked her, “Do you have pain in your knees?” And again he asked her, “How about the pain in your chest?” Now she had not told anyone these things and was amazed that he knew them. 4 And the believers, who were themselves students, laid hands on Taylor and prayed. And immediately she said, “I can breathe!” For the heaviness and pain was lifted from her chest. And the students prayed a second time, and her knees were also healed. 5 And when they had prayed a third time, the effects of the concussion completely left her. And the believers rejoiced in the Lord and testified of His goodness. 6 Now the believers departed because it was late, but two of them remained behind to talk with her and her roommate. And when they realized that one of those who had left also forgot his backpack, they waited for him outside on Old Campus. 7 But in their excitement, they began to testify about what had just happened to anyone who would listen. 8 And when he had come to get his backpack, the other believer remained. And the three of them went about sharing the good news until the fourth hour of the morning.

9 And many experienced the love of Christ through their witness – both believers and non-believers. For it says, a“Here there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcised nor uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave nor free, but Christ is all, and is in all” and b“In the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh.” 10 And some of the students prophesied. Some prayed for the first time. Still others were healed from various ailments. 11 One of them who had difficulty hearing, when they had prayed for him, exclaimed, “Thatʼs so weird. My ears just opened!” Others were healed of sinus congestion, flu symptoms, and headaches. 12 And the Lord was with them all.


a Col. 3:11 b Acts 2:17

I want to let this account speak for itself. Therefore I will only say three things about it: 1) This account is entirely true. Every detail is factual. (2) I do not claim to be writing the authoritative word of God. Rather, my aim was to show the reality of the New Testament in our lives today. Regardless of the New Testament's archaic writing style, its content is still fresh and alive. I also wanted to emphasize that what happened to us that evening is very real and very Biblical. Sometimes it seems like things need to sound a certain way in order for us to accept them into our religious systems and beliefs. Similarly, we sometimes have trouble believing that miracles still happen in the same way that they did in the first century A.D. I hope that this account helps us make the connection. (3) What happened that night is available to everyone. If He used us, He will use you. Be encouraged, beloved.

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