Bonfires, BBQs & Bible Studies

It always feel as though the beginning of a new school year hits like a rushing locomotive. In the meantime, my students and I are simply hoping to lay down tracks quickly enough to prevent the train from derailing! With God's grace, this particular year has started quite smoothly. The train is still on the rails!

After welcoming both new and returning students to my home for a good ol' fashioned bonfire (pictured here), we hit the campuses around Portland! Over the course of 5 days, I had the pleasure of tabling at 3 campus events: SMCC's Welcome Back BBQ, UNE's Activity Fair, and MECA's (Maine College of Art) Activity Fair. It was exhausting, surprising, and rewarding to meet new students and reconvene with returners.

The rhythm of campus ministry goes something like this: show up on campus alone, pray to meet some students who will listen to you, pull any of those students together and hope they get along, help this team of sudden leaders reach out to new more new students, feel less alone while on campus, rinse and repeat until you have a witnessing fellowship on your hands.

There are many new things to thank God for, including (but not limited to): SMCC Students who want to start a new Bible Study in Spring Point Residence Hall, UNE getting closer to officially recognizing InterVarsity's campus presence, and 5 new MECA students who are interested in studying the Bible together.

By, Joel Wentz, Campus Staff | Portland, ME