Can't Land the Perfect Cartwheel on Jesus

A Dialogue of Conversion in a campus Bible Study between Marie (campus staff) and Allen (not-yet Christian student). Listen for the non-Christians participating in Allen's conversion to Jesus.

In Bible study with three non-Christian music students, as things wrap up...

Marie: "What do you think of this passage? Do you think this is true? Where are you with God? Are you walking towards God or away from God?" 
Allen: "I've been running away from God."
Marie: "Do you want to be near God?
Allen: "I feel like I'm cartwheeling around God and I can't do the perfect cartwheel to land on Jesus."
Marie: "Is that what the passage says?"
Allen: He immediately knew, "No, that's the work that Jesus did."
Marie: "Would you like to follow Jesus, to make him your Lord?"
Non-Christian in the room: "You've been following Jesus because your mom wants you to, but you need to follow Him for yourself."
Allen: "That makes a lot of sense."
Marie: "Allen, do you want to follow Jesus? Do you want Jesus to be your King?"
Allen: (After the fourth time asked...) "Yeah, I do. What do I do to do that?"
Marie: "Just tell Jesus you want him to be your King." 
So, Allen prayed to receive Jesus and the other non-Christian students prayed for him, too.

Listen to Marie tell this story...