Dropping Everything for Jesus

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

On this campus of 11,000+ students, many have not had an opportunity to hear about Jesus. In Kingdom partnership with a church-based ministry on campus, our prayer has been to see every corner of campus impacted by the Gospel.  We celebrate God's achat's when Isaiah saw the opportunity in that moment.  

He says, "I was able to share with them the vision I initially received for the campus, in the very room that I prayed in.  It was an awesome moment! They went from awkwardly disappointed, to 100% hopeful for the movement of God on this campus! We had the study [any way], and it was the story of when Jesus called Andrew and Peter, His first two disciples.  During the application they [saw] themselves as the 2 fishermen who faithfully said yes, dropped everything, and were the first of BILLIONS of people who would one day say yes to Jesus!"  Two students fully committed to seeing their fellow UML students get a chance to know Jesus.

This is precisely how the Kingdom of God advances.  Please pray for UML as Isaiah and these student partners reach out.

By, Becky Lahna, Area Director | North Shore