God is moving in the hearts of students!

UNH Leadership

Another school year is off and running here at UNH and it’s good to be back. Each new years holds in it this exciting question? Who will God bring to this campus to serve Him and who has he moved in over the summer. Our ministry in Durham this summer saw many students encouraged and built up in God’s truth to be able to return to campus with a confidence in defending their faith.

It is usually in the first month of school that we find out who is hungry to know God more and who desires to see this campus reached for his Name. It is for this reason we build up and train our student leaders to identify who God is moving in and how to help those students grow in their faith. I’m so excited to have the student leadership team we have this year.

All four of them are hungry to know God more and have Him move in their teams and communities. Their leadership is having an impact. I praise God to report that in our athletes group, over 70 student athletes including 12 freshman have joined our meetings over the past four weeks. Additionally, we have had or are about to start a bible study with 7 different teams and are even beginning a bible study with the ROTC group on campus.

In closing, I wanted to update you all on Tim Hafner, my partner in the athlete’s ministry. A few years ago he started as a volunteer but he is now fully funded and full time on campus. He couldn’t have come at a better time. In the past month, we have seen a desire in our students like never before to seek and know God. Tim is a very gifted at teaching and relating and his presence has made an immediate impact in meeting this need. Most weeks we don’t have enough time to meet all those students that want to ask their questions about God. Please Pray this continues.

By, Ben Sturgill, Campus Staff | UNH