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I Am By No Means Perfect

I Am By No Means Perfect

"I am by no means perfect. I'm an absolute mess and hurricane of a person just as much as the next. Being an athlete, perfection is expected of you a lot. It can be very overwhelming, and it can completely break you down sometimes. You're expected to perform perfectly, you're expected to be in perfect health. It's not like you're not expected to mess up, but when you do it's a big deal." - Maggie

Hear from Maggie and her InterVarsity friends how this led her to faith in Jesus.

You don't understand... he's THAT guy!

Jesse & Clint

"You don't understand... he's THAT guy!" said Jesse, a student leader in the UNH Greek InterVarsity, minutes after his friend Clint made a first-time decision for Jesus. Jesse leads the ministry in Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at UNH. After an injury forced him to leave the UNH football team, he felt led to focus his energy on his relationships with the men in his fraternity. He has been growing in his faith as he's met weekly with Meaghan, a UNH Greek IV staff member.  Because of the time spent in his fraternity, Jesse was able to bring 3 friends from his fraternity with him to Greek Conference Boston.  One of these friends was Clint.

Clint had a reputation not only in his fraternity but all across campus for being the stereotypical Greek party guy. 

But because of Jesse's faithful witness and the opportunity the Greek Conference Boston provided, Clint made a decision to follow Jesus.  In the week after his return to campus, word had spread that something happened with Clint, and the whole Greek System at UNH was curious about what could cause this kind of change.

This is just one story of the many lives God has transformed at UNH this Fall, where we have seen 18 students make first-time decisions to follow Jesus.  We praise God for His grace and mercy towards Clint and to students like him across NH and New England!

By, Ben Humphries, Area Director | New Hampshire