I'm Ready to Tell the World

"Hearing bits and pieces of everyone's testimony was resonating with me, and it really brought to surface that fact that, wow, I have been rejecting God for a long time. He has been reaching out to me. Now that this (gave her life to Christ) has happened, I can pinpoint so many times in my life when God was reaching his hand out to me and I was pushing it away. (Now) I want to tell people I love God. I want them to know that I believe that everything in my life up to this point was because God loves me. He loves me so much, and I want him to know - I want you to know God - that I love you and that I'm ready to tell the world. I'm ready to share it with everyone!" - Miriam, RIC student on ServeUP #serveup16

Miriam, Mia, Jeremy and Jared share their transformative ServeUP story.