Jake is Open to God

The first month back on campus is always a busy season. We tabled, jumped in a bouncy house, went to a BBQ, and attended a movie night!

Right before the semester started Jake* texted me and said he was looking for new friendships on campus. Jake* is Mary's* friend who has come to some InterVarsity things over the past year. Last year he said he was not interested in God, but liked us. I invited him to join us during the BBQ and movie night. He accepted and even invited some friends. One of the two friends he invited is a Christian, and Jake*shared a story about a missions trip he went on in high school and how that was the most alive he had ever felt. It seems like Jake* is in a very different place with God this semester. He turned down our invitation to fall retreat, but asked if he could go to church with Mary instead. He is clearly way more open to having a relationship with God now. Please pray for him as he continues on this journey.

*not actual names

By, MiriΓ£ Cavalcanti Birney, Campus Staff | UMass Boston