Southern & Western New England Update

  • At Eastern CT State, a dozen students are interested in helping lead dorm-based Bible studies in just the third week of this chapter plant.
  • At the new chapter plant at Rhode Island School of Design a Buddhist prayed to Jesus for the first time.
  • At UConn, At UConn, students across racial divides and councils of the Greek system are exploring Jesusand praying for their fraternities and sororities
  • At Roger Williams younger students are stepping up in leadership and evangelism after a strong class graduated last year.
  • At Smith College, community members and volunteers served ice cream to 360 students (over 13% of the whole campus) while staff and student leaders worked the crowd and collected contact info from 150 students.
  • At Connecticut College, ten of the 17 students coming out to Bible study are freshmen who are inviting their friends to come too.
  • At Mount Holyoke, a sophomore (in middle of photo) gained a vision to start a Bible study for first year students. At the second meeting a seeking first year was overcome by God's presence during the prayer time and said "I don't know who I am in Jesus yet, but I feel like God is giving me love and hope."
  • At one college, 200 students (1 of every 8 students on campus) came through an interactive survey where the gospel was shared, even with the college president!
  • At least a dozen students have made solid commitments to follow Jesus for the first time so far this year, and staff and students are following up with dozens more who have responded to calls to faith!

By, Liz Joyal, Divisional Director | SWNewEngland