Thankful with Muslims

At Northeastern, we have been listening to God and trying our best to follow in obedience, relentlessly talking about Jesus' heart for racial reconciliation, addressing sexual assault and speaking of God's love and invitation for both victims and perpetrators, reaching out to the Islamic community in light of all the anti-Muslim sentiment on campus with a simple invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. We have been learning how trustworthy God is in the midst of great risk, and are seeing his kingdom come. 

The invitation letter written to the Islamic community on campus:

To the Islamic Community of Northeastern University,

Recently, the Muslim community has been alienated and attacked unfairly by many across the country. We recognize that this discrimination isn’t new, but is only more intense and more visible over the past few days, and that much of this has come from those of the Christian faith. The InterVarsity community is sorry and insists that this is not in line with the Christian faith and that this is not the heart of God. No one should be judged based on generalizations, or live in fear because of their identity. As Christians here at Northeastern we support you on this campus.

In the midst of this, we would like to share a Thanksgiving dinner with you next Tuesday. You are welcome to bring a side to share, but we would love to just host you and get to know you better.

InterVarsity Multiethnic Christian Fellowship

The staff report to ministry partners after the event:

"Your prayers and enthusiastic words of encouragement and donations for halal meat were such a blessing. a report from a student leader who was leading the charge: "the event went so well- there were 50+ people, mostly Muslim students, and it was such a joy to create a space to show hospitality and Christ's love."

My students are telling so many stories of seeing God at work as they ate together and learned about PRACTICALLY LOVING PEOPLE IN RISKY AND TANGIBLE WAYS, about the call of the gospel to cross cultures, about his heart of love for the marginalized. Our Lord is one who calls us to break bread with people whose stories are so different from our own, and my students are being shaped deeply by this, yearning for more.

Inspired by my brave and obedient-to-God students, may our own tables and homes exude the radical hospitality and tangible, generous love of the Father."

By, Kaitlin Ho, Campus Staff | Northeastern University