The Impact of Greek Conference

This was the 20th year where for one weekend students who seem the furthest from God on most college campus, come together to see how being Christian and Greek can come together. I can't begin to tell you how incredible it is to see Fraternity men worshipping God and helping their brothers find Jesus. 

I had the privilege of leading a small group in a concentration called "Thrive". Thrive talks a lot about the things in the Greek system that make being a Christian hard (drinking, sex, body image, success). We tackled these topics showing students that God cares about transforming them from the inside, not just conforming their lives around rules.

Throughout the week I prayed with multiple students. Some for healing from past hurts, one blessing him as he felt God calling him to start a Bible study in his fraternity, and I was able to pray with two women who accepted Jesus for the first time. Praise God for the way he restores, transforms, and sends out his children. 

By the Numbers

There were 514 attendees from 46 campuses:
119 Decided to take a step of Faith and give their life to Jesus
291 Gave Jesus authority over their whole life, recommitting themselves to Jesus
161 Accepted the invitation to lead a Greek Bible study in their chapter.
29 Committed to seeking truth and Jesus through conversations back on campus

By, Alexa Higley, Greek Campus Staff