Transition to New Student Leaders

The end of the school year is upon us, so it is time for the new student leaders to rise up and move forward with the mission of advancing God's Kingdom on campus. Meet the new chapter leaders at Boston University...

Gloria, Senior

Many of you will recognize Gloria! She's come a long way since sophomore year on large group team. She's learning to use her "voice" and leadership gifts for God's glory, constantly challenging our leaders to follow Jesus wholly. She's strategic, prayerful and quick to serve others.

David, Senior

David is one of the most gifted evangelists I have ever met. He has led so many of his friends to faith and also discipled them as followers of Jesus. He loves memorizing Scripture and often shares verses with his fellow track team members. He's been leading our black student Bible study, and in the span of one year, he's raised up four new leaders to join the team!

Chiara, Junior
Chiara experienced a major turning point at ServeUP, our spring break service trip. She shares, "During ServeUP, I found it easy, even natural, to discuss my faith and not just for the sake of talking about religious backgrounds, but to share the Gospel. I've learned that motivation [to be missional] doesn’t come from me, but from God." The staff and students are excited to see Chiara step up in leadership next year!

Nathan, Senior

Nathan grew up in Singapore!! He is someone that carries a lot of influence, yet is incredibly humble and kind. He takes risks, is invested in the campus (he's an RA in the freshmen dorm), and loves to coach. He's helped launch weekly prayer meetings, a business Bible study, and an exploratory "GIG" for non-Christian international students.