What Do You Want to Do After College?

By Jaime Gweshe, Junior at the University of New Hampshire

By Jaime Gweshe, Junior at the University of New Hampshire

Like many college students I am bombarded no less than two times a week with the question: so what do you want to do after college? I have always answered this question with an elevator speech about working in a rehab hospital; a job that is not uncommon for someone like myself majoring in therapeutic recreation. 

But then something changed. 

I traveled 27 hours on a bus that left from the University of New Hampshire and had spent less than 24 hours in Tampa Florida when I felt God tell me to listen. On our first day, we visited a few of the sites that our ServeUp Tampa crew was going to work at; we stopped at what looked to be an old motel. A woman named Keisha who runs an organization in Tampa called “Created’ talked about the work she does with vulnerable women in the sex industry. She talked about Nebraska Avenue where women are prostituted every night, she spoke about how her organization loves these women and shows them that love and healing through Jesus. 

While in Tampa we stayed at our base camp just blocks from Nebraska Avenue. I remember praying all night for women that I have never met, not just in Tampa but in this world to know how loved they are by Jesus. I prayed that someone, somewhere could do something to help the women of this world who are exploited every day. I haven’t stopped this prayer. 

My week in Tampa changed my life. We stayed in the Underground, an umbrella organization that has hero upon hero serving God’s people selflessly, willing to give up what is easy to go do what God needs them to do. I prayed a lot in the last few months that there would be more people like I met at the Underground to serve God’s people in other corners of the world. But then this idea came to me, what if I could do that? What if I could serve God’s people? What if this is my call? - See more at: https://urbana.org/blog/call#sthash.BLiWz6My.dpuf