Quotes from Boston Music School Students

To hear directly from students' mouths is the best way to know if there's transformation happening in their hearts. Hear from these transformed students...

(the comments below coordinate with the students pictured above from left to right)

“People think they have to be perfect and never mess up to be accepted…but it says here in the Bible that we’re not perfect, and God loves us just as we are.”                                                      
- Kyle (Berklee) 

“One issue is that (Berklee) students need to be good at everything. But God says we’re saved through faith and his grace, and not by our works! That’s a good point!”
- Tim (Berklee)

“We’re hard on ourselves. I don’t understand why someone would be nice to me when I make mistakes, but God wants to show grace and mercy to us. God cares for us and loves us, and we’re a part of his family now, and nothing can break that bond.”
- Amber (Boston Conservatory) 

“We don’t need to worry so much – God knows what he’s doing! When students don’t get into the program they want, we can realize God might have a different work planned for us than what we hoped for.”
- Lauren (Boston Conservatory)

“I can totally see how the Gospel is relevant to all the brokenness we’ve been talking about!”
- Larry (Berklee)

By, Marie Adams, Campus Staff | Boston Music Schools (on far right)