Expanding on Catholic Campuses

"How can we get InterVarsity on our campus?"

I've been asked this question twice in the past two months by two different Campus Ministry directors:

At Regis College (in Weston, MA) in April, we were contacted by Fr. Kilroy because there was a group of 12-15 students gathering for Bible study and Campus Ministry did not have the resources to continue to develop those students. He had heard good things about InterVarsity from our work at Boston College, and wondered if we would be able to send a staff to help. In the coming year, we will now have one staff giving one day a week at Regis!

And then last month, at a region-wide gathering of Campus Ministry (CM) staff, the CM Director of Rivier University (in Nashua, NH) heard about all the great things that were happening at Assumption and asked the same question. She's actually the only CM staff on campus and is eager to have partners in reaching more students. I just visited campus last week, and we have an open door there to begin gathering a group.

This has been a breakthrough year for chapter planting at Catholic schools (and throughout InterVarsity New England)! We're almost halfway to establishing a presence on the 20 Catholic campuses in the region and our trust and partnership with various Catholic Campus Ministry leaders is at an all-time high. New invitations continue to come my way this summer.

Please pray for God to preserve and grow what He has initiated and for doors to keep opening!

By, Scott Brill, New England Asst Regional Director for Catholic Ministry, Co-Director of The Institute for Christian Unity, @brillotweet