I Can't Believe Student Music Ministry Didn't Exist Before!

How do you start a whole new ministry? The first step is meeting as many students as possible! Friends, InterVarsity staff, and students heard about what I was doing and connected me with dozens of Berklee, Boston Conservatory and New England Conservatory students. I’m emailing, Facebooking and texting to reach out to these students.

So far I personally met with 23 music students to share the vision for this ministry. I am amazed at how many students were even willing to meet with me, a stranger. Virtually every student others connected me with responded to the vision I shared saying, “Wow. We need this at my campus, and I want to be involved." Praise God for such an incredible response among so many students!

I’ve been told one of the hardest parts of music school culture is how busy everyone is, so I was thrilled that 7 students came to our first gathering, representing the 3 schools I’m planting! As we read Scripture, the excitement grew in the room as the students started dreaming about how God could impact the brokenness on their campuses. One student exclaimed, “I can’t believe this (music student ministry) didn’t exist before…it just makes so much sense!”

By, Marie Adams, Boston Campus Staff