Encouragement from Boston University

The start of the year had ups and downs. At Summit, our leaders retreat, students worried about “burning out” in leadership, because we are a much smaller and younger community this year, with less than 40 students. Since only twelve students carried out our whole freshmen outreach program, and key leaders were missing, only a handful of freshmen joined.

Despite the disappointing start, I have never been more excited about ministry than I am now.

My new co-staff, Caroline Lancaster, is a fantastic staff leader/partner with complementary talents. Together we are reshaping our leadership meetings to be a space where our leaders develop healthy life practices as they become mature followers of Jesus. I have the privilege of training five students to lead Bible study groups. It was great to hear leaders report back with wide eyes, “Our conversation about the passage went exactly the way you told us it would!”

My favorite story from the first month is about N.. Last year God gave her a heart for International students, and she realized  how deep friendships can change lives. This month she has been reaching out to Japanese students and sharing her life with them. This weekend, she is bringing 5 of her new friends to Fall Conference! I am so impressed and encouraged by her heart for her friends.

By, Daniel Adams, Boston Campus Staff