Initiating Dialogue

Developing Christian World Changers

Students at Brown love engaging in conversation on almost any topic, many relate them to the people of Acts 17. However, there are not enough outlets to engage the 6000 student campus in discussions on faith and other topics.

As a result, each year we host a Veritas Forum on campus as a way to engage the intellectual community on a meaningful topic . Our Forum this year welcomed an MIT Professor on the topics of β€œScience and Faith”. During our weeklong survey many students voted that science and faith are frenemies. But, at the Forum we heard Dr. Hutchinson share that they are not enemies, as long as we do not look to science for the ultimate answers to everything in the world, which he defined as a different sort of religion, Scientism.

This evening offered a space for students in our fellowship to invite seeking friends and gave them the opportunity to be further equipped on the topic as they engage in the culture at Brown.

Pray for Christian students in our fellowship to continue engaging with deep topics on campus and pray that they see the opportunities to talk about Jesus in the midst.

By Hope Muller, Campus Staff | Brown University