Starting Where We Left Off...

Students in Small Groups

This semester has started much like last semester ended -- with students and staff leading Bible studies, GIGs (Groups Investigating God), and worship and fellowship activities at campuses across Southern and Western New England. The photo above shows over 35 students at Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences studying scripture about Jesus' servant leadership just a few days ago. An hour away at a college in Western MA, a student had this to say about her second visit to an InterVarsity gathering:

"I'm new to the group, but this is great. I really liked the style of the meeting - I'm not actually a Christian, but I feel so welcome and happy here...., surrounded by people who are sincere in their faith. This was exactly what I needed tonight." - Ella, freshman

As divisional directors we work to help staff and students create spaces on campus where students can encounter Jesus and we're so grateful when we hear stories like Ella's from campuses across the division - from Western MA to Connecticut, to Rhode Island and Southeast MA, to right here in Worcester. Earlier this month we celebrated three years in this role at a coffee shop on the North Shore (where we spent our sabbatical) by recounting all that we have seen God do in the lives of staff and students, the ways He has grown and stretched us individually and as leaders together, and all the ways God has provided for us. We are so thankful for God's provision for us in our lives and in this ministry.

By, Liz & Paul Joyal, Divisional Directors | Southern & Western New England