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At Northeastern, we have been seeing God-breathed momentum all semester long, with a continuous showing of new faces and returning upperclassmen that has brought vibrancy to our community and courage to our leaders. Organic, sweet friendship (the gift we've been asking for for a year!) has been forming across ethnic lines, hallelujah!  Leaders have been stepping out in faith to lead 11 small groups (6 of them new initiatives among architecture, business, science, unchurched Asian Americans, transfers, internationals), and we have been reaching new corners of campus and engaging with a higher number of non-believers than ever before.  Four of them accepted Jesus - which somewhat caught our leaders off guard, filling us with wonder and joy!

God has been teaching us to EXPECT HIM as we step out in faith.  We are learning to expect opposition, to be faithful in prayer, and to trust that He is, in fact, the One who saves.

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By, Kaitlin Ho, Campus Staff | Northeastern University