We are a Missionary Movement

In a place where the vast majority of students and their families are generations from church and there is a rising hostility to Christianity and the gospel, we are increasingly conscious of what it means to launch gospel ministry into new territory. What does a missionary movement among the unreached people of New England colleges look like?

Campus Communities seeking genuine ways to engage with those who do not know Christ:   through ServeUp, GIGs, Proxe Stations, and small groups where they can experience the Jesus focused community that draws them to Him. 

Growing numbers of InterVarsity staff and student leaders: hiring new staff each year to plant new ministry and  calling students to start new things, believing that planting things grow, and growing things plant.

Formal Seminary Training for our new staff:   helping our staff deepen quickly in knowledge as well as experience in the complex New England culture. We are partnering with Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary to start a Diploma program for our staff.

Freedom to experiment and take risks:  staff and students always thinking of ways to reach new audiences, developing new strategies for growth and keep engaging secular students in conversations about faith.

Growing economic and ethnic diversity:  seeing increasingly diverse staff teams and student groups.  It is thrilling to see that diversity increase!

By, Chris Nichols – Regional Director New England.